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Our Staff

The staff at the BCCC and the MPF US represent a broad spectrum of experience and training. Bound by a passionate commitment to our shared mission, each staff member contributes a unique perspective to build, refine, articulate and execute our vision.


Abigail Merced
Diabetes Wellness Program Manager

Abigail Merced is a proud Latina and community organizer. She obtained her MPH from NYU on Global Health with a focus on Community Wellness in 2019. Her passion for public health, specifically, chronic disease prevention and food security, began shortly after she moved to the United States from Puerto Rico. Her research has been around food eating behavior patterns among the Black and Brown immigrants, food insecurity screening tools, and the quality of food available in East Brooklyn supermarkets.
She has been an active food justice advocate and mobilizer since moving to NYC. She is committed to working with local food sovereignty community organizations and more recently with community residents to help build on their capacity to continue to advocate for affordable and high quality food in various Brooklyn communities.
She lives in Brooklyn NY where she crafts handmade soap and obsesses over cute dog videos on Instagram.


Gregory Briggs
Peer Health Educator

Gregory Briggs, is a proud Brooklynite from birth. He has learned to navigate the resources available to him, to further his educational endeavors and professional goals.
He joins the Diabetes Wellness Program team, drawing from a depth of experience in outreach and case management, and continues to work as an Operations Manager for a shelter in Queens, NY.
Employing the motto, “Each one teach one,” he works with others in the community to build awareness of the resources that assisted him, in hopes that he could both inspire and support his community.
Greg’s other passions include reading, playing chess, and traveling.